We have over three million, four hundred and six thousand years of cumulative experience in the industry.
(Our legal team said we can say this.)

After spending his parents’ hard-earned money snagging a fancy degree from Georgetown University’s prestigious School of Foreign Service, Carlo put his education to the test as a spring break tour guide. Returning stateside with a fantastic tan and international negotiation experience, he got his big break in this ludicrous business when hired to do VHS dubs of Peabo Bryson. 20 years later his type-A personality, passion for spreadsheets, and obsessive-compulsive affection for making to-do lists mysteriously complement his creativity and even-keeled demeanor. When not referring to himself by his initials, he can be found trying to wrangle his spawns, watching YouTube videos about striping your lawn, and dreaming of ways to make air travel fun again.

Stevorino is crazy. There, we’ve said it. While on paper he does look as though everything is quite “normal”, he is very far from it. Smithsonian artist, Disney performer, speed-skater, cognitive elitist, water safety instructor, organic farmer, jet-setter, and community leader — dude is all over the place. The good news is he seems to manage to keep the crazy in the closet. While he’s sometimes drawn to discuss the importance of pollinators and the effects of carbohydrates on our metabolic state, he manages to keep his obsession with strategic business solutions on the front burner. And with an annoying need for little sleep — the true benefit of having this guy on your team is that he brings the passion of 8 people in one fully-functioning multi-personality nice-guy-psycho-package.

As a Division I student athlete in college, Prince Harry’s better looking doppelgänger came to terms with the fact he would not be playing professional soccer in Europe and understood that going pro in America meant he would never be able to financially support himself. So, naturally, he set his sights on producing movies in Hollywood which subsequently landed him in the world of strategic communications, experiential marketing, and event production. To say he strayed from the path would be lying; he completely fell off the map. Nowadays he spends his days drinking way too much bourbon coffee, brainstorming brilliantly creative solutions (his words), and doing whatever he can to avoid changing diapers at home.




Minnie mouse, max personality

Hates making waves

Still experiences Santaphobia

Fueled by sass and anxiety

No I’m a Virgo!

Can still see ghosts

Never met a taco that he hasn’t liked

Cut from the swim team


Still holding on for dear life

Smiles a lot more now

No longer uses a bowl to cut hair…

All she wants for Christmas is completed timesheets

Ride or die for Winnie the Pooh

Shocked to find out it’s not all cocktails and coffees…

Swingin’ into T!LTed hearts since ‘22

Still swears she’s innocent

Hasn’t worn a hat since…

Sweeter than a spoonful of sugar

Hatters gonna hat

Dats-ah gooda stuff!

Service with a smile

Life’s a beach