Spring Break FOMO, No Mo’

If you’re an Instagram fanatic like us, craving your next content fix and constantly checking your feed for the latest and greatest posts, you’ve probably come across a fair number of travel influencers (if you’re not on Instagram, we’re going to assume your weekly screen time report doesn’t give you anxiety…what’s that like?).  

Travel influencers are the cool, popular kids of social media posting gorgeous photos of dreamy sunsets and colorful dishes that have you drooling from under your desk as you hide from your next meeting. They’re the kind of people that you watch from afar with interest but tell yourself that their lifestyle isn’t really for you while hiding a teeeeny bit of FOMO (ok, let’s be honest with each other, a whole lot of FOMO). 

But while travel influencers definitely have some crazy cool experiences to post, no one can deny that some parts of traveling really suck. Twelve-hour plane rides where babies are crying, and the flight attendant says they are out of the hard stuff? No thank you. Losing your luggage because of a connecting flight? The worst. Paying for a million activities just to make a trip worthwhile? Our wallets are begging us to stop. We know the feeling. You want to travel, but you don’t want to travel 

Take it from T!LTwe’re pros at this stuff… virtual is your prime choice. Virtually.  

With your needs (and wallets) in mind, we’ve curated the perfect all-inclusive Virtual Tourism Itinerary; including but not limited to endless wardrobe, unlimited access to your pantry/fridge/bar, and a toilet that knows only your buns best. No need to spend hundreds or thousands on a stressful Spring Break trip! Slip on your pjs and experience a variety of historical sites, iconic cities, world wonders, and mouth-watering food FOR AN EXTREMELY LOW BUDGET (or free, if you hate food and fun) in the comfort of your own home. Aside from gaining diverse cultural knowledge to discuss at your next bougie dinner party, our itinerary incorporates so much that you’d never have the energy or time to do half of this in one trip. We made it as easy and authentic as possible for you: no downloads, no required headsets, no change fees, no rules. 

Alright. Enough’s enough! Make yourself an espresso, grab your favorite blanket, and kick that FOMO ‘til it’s out.  


$0 – $XX (cost dependent on personal preference)


Wait. Did you think we’d pick just ONE? This is VIRTUAL tourism — you better buckle up!


  • Oculus/HTC Vive (optional, we have only linked no-headset tours) 
  • Computer
  • Headphones
  • Chargers
  • Mouse & Pad (optional)
  • Comfortable Spot
  • Cozy Blanket
  • Bottle of Water


  • Atlantis in Dubai is so jaw-dropping, you’ll feel like you’re on the top of the world while staying there! 
  • Make a cup of Arabic coffee, hop on the first purple helicopter you see and explore the rest of the city before your big day begins. (Travel Tip: if you like extreme sports, find the Princess Tower). 
  • Rocket up to Mars for a tour guided by the Curiosity Rover. 
  • Fall in and deep dive into the coral reefs with National Geographic.  
  • See some of Salvador Dali’s works up close in Spain! 
1:00pm: LUNCH
  • When you eat, drop into King’s Landing and walk the beautiful filming locations. 
2:30pm: MID-DAY NAP
  • We know, it’s a lot. Hit your reset button and take a power nap before you continue your exploratory adventures!  
  • Listen to these ocean sounds for a little extra oomph. 
  • Step into an Egyptian tomb (don’t be scared—you won’t see anything we!rd). 
  • Assuming you made it out, the Sistine Chapel is WAY better without a giant crowd squeezing into a 200 sq ft room. Aren’t you just a lucky ducky?? 
  • Take what the Italians call a “passeggiata” but in the ornamented and spotless streets of Prague. 
  • Then, continue through the quaint and multicultural Quebec   
  • Of course, no trip is complete without a sunset! Make yourself a cocktail and attend(ish) this Luau. 
  • After a tail shake and a few drinks, grab your coziest blanket and even though you already checked-in to that luxury hotel in Dubai, fall asleep under the Aurora Borealis.  

If international clubbing is your thing, you might not find this Ibizan yacht party quite as cringeworthy as we do… but despite how hard we tried; we couldn’t bring a classic Euro Discotheque to your screen. However, we believe it’s extremely important to share that you CAN read about Club Quarantäne, a very unique Berlin nightclub, and sign up for their next event! 

Now the idea here is that FOMO is like Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean. We’re killing him…until he resurrects as the antagonist in the next installment. You won’t have the pictures to prove your worldly travels to your 600 followers, and your family may think it’s “lame” that you’re spending an entire day “traveling” without peeking your head out of your locked bedroom, but you’ll be sure to end up with memories and a full wallet. Happy touring! 

Angela Macke